Client Services

lit1LowCountry InsideTrack, Ltd. is dedicated to providing our subscribers timely tracking and reporting on the actions of governmental bodies as they plan, enact, modify and enforce laws, regulations and ordinances that affect you and your business or organization. Without your personally being in attendance at meetings, there is no better way to get on the inside track and know what is on the minds of decision-makers at all levels of your Lowcountry’s government.

How it works:

  • Once a week LIT Ltd. notifies all subscribers of scheduled meetings our associates will be attending the following week.
  • After agendas are posted (sometimes immediately prior to a meeting) and if agenda items warrant, clients will be notified if they should consider personally attending any meetings.
  • LIT Ltd. representative attends all meetings, summarizes actions, notifies any impacted client immediately, and prepares reports.
  • Once a week LIT Ltd. sends each client a tailor-made summary of actions at meetings, with links for further details.
  • LIT Ltd. representatives are available for answering questions or expanding on written reports, either by email or phone.

Joseph E. Croley, Eleanor W. Lightsey, and staff work closely with each client to ensure that their information gathering is thorough and that their reports are concise and related to the client’s specific interests. A sample report is found here. (click to download sample report)